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iPhone from Apple coming soon?

Posted by stevencombs on November 16, 2006

UPDATE (17 November 2006): Apple Insider is reporting the following:

The China Times said Thursday the device, which will merge traditional cellular capabilities with Apple’s legendary iPod digital music player technology, has been finalized and released to manufacturing.

According to the report, Foxconn will begin delivering the phones to Apple out of its Fushikang manufacturing facility at run rate of 500,000 to 600,000 per month beginning in February.

The Cupertino, Calif.-based iPod maker is said to have enlisted the help of several component suppliers to provide various aspects of the phone, including Foxconn subsidiary AlusTech, which will fabricate the digital camera module; Largan, which will supply the actual camera lens; and Micron, which will provide the CMOS image sensor.

The link below article explains that a manufacturing deal has been made and that the iPhone could be unlocked, meaning it could be used it with any mobile phone provider. 

I am VERY anxious to learn more about this phone and would be VERY eager to purchase if the features are robust. Namely, I want some PDA functionality and the ability to sync with my Powerbook. While my RAZR does sync pretty effortlessly via bluetooth, an iPhone would most certainly add better synchronization with my iLife apps (iPhoto, iTunes, iMovie, & iCal).  If they include VoIP (iChat anyone?), a portable version of Safari, and a high resolution screen I might just have to get rid of my Nokia 770.

Photoshopped mockups of iPod phones
[Photoshopped mockups of iPod phones, courtesy of a user at www.ipodlounge.com]

Blackfriars’ Marketing: Apple thinks different about marketing iPhones

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