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Canola for Nokia 770

Posted by stevencombs on December 3, 2006

As my readers and viewers know, I just love the Nokia 770 and a new app was recently released that is makeing me even more fond of this device. The app is know as Canola. Nope, it’s not the oil, but a small application that turns to Nokia 770 into a portable media center that can stream photos, music and video from my iLife applications on my MAC. Not only that, but I can subscribe to photo streams and listen to online radio all from a very familiar and modern looking interface similar to the Front Row. Here’s a video of the application in action:

If you own a Nokia 770, and if you don’t you should wait until the next version is released (announcement is considered to be immenent), installation instructions can be found at:

Handful of Nothing » Blog Archive » Here it is! Finally the public repository for Canola

The installation can be a little tricky and the software is in beta, so prepare for some early difficulties. But the vision is very promising.

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