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Archive for the ‘Freeware’ Category

Screen capture an entire web page with Paparazzi!

Posted by stevencombs on January 2, 2007

Paparazzi! is a small free utility for Mac OS X that makes screenshots of webpages. What makes this application more useful than a quick screen capture is that it captures the entire web page as it will automatically scroll the page down, capture the sections and stitch the sections together to create one long image. It also removes the browser interface giving you a clean web page only image. Very handy for instructional material. MAC Only.

Get Paparazzi.

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KEWL Apple App O’ da Day: iPhoto2Gmail

Posted by stevencombs on December 8, 2006

From the site:

An iPhoto (5 & 6) plugin that lets you quickly and easily send
pictures using your gmail account… all without installing or
configuring an e-mail application.

Get it here.

I’ve always loved sending photos to family and friends using iPhoto, but always hated that it would default to my .mac e-mail address. Now I can send through Gmail!

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The marriage of science and Ubuntu…

Posted by stevencombs on November 7, 2006

yields Scibuntu. If you don’t already know, Ubuntu is probably one of the most popular Linux distributions available because of it’s ease of installation and use. As of 6.10, it has also become my favorite distribution. When not on my MAC, this is my preferred operating system.

You can download a LiveCD (a version of Ubuntu that runs from a CD so no installation necessary) and give it a try.  If you like it, in a couple of simple clicks, you can blow off your Windows OS and have a completely FREE (including all the applications you could ever need) secure operating system.  There is also a wonderful version for older machines called Xubuntu. If you have an older machine that just doesn’t seem to be able to handle Windows XP but still want to use it for basic browsing, e-mail, word-processing, etc, this is the way to go.

Now, if you are a budding scientist, follow the directions on the page link below and add the following applications to your Ubuntu distribution to create a Scibuntu:

  • Tools for reading and writing scientific text: LaTeX, Ghostscript, Ghostview and Acroread.
  • Math and statistics tools like Octave, Qalculate! and r
  • Plotting tools like Gnuplot, Grace and Labplot
  • Bioinformatics packages like Clustalw, Clustalx, Treepuzzle, Treewiewx and T-coffee
  • Chemistry tools like RasMol, PyMol and GROMACS
  • More console tools shar, memtest, dos2unix, strings, strip etc.
  • Development packages for C, C++, Bioperl, Biopython, FORTRAN and Emacs.

If you don’t know what any of this is, you probably don’t need it. But if you do, then you will know that this is a great way to get a good solid operating system on your computer along with some fantastic development tools.

Scibuntu – Ubuntu Linux for scientist and science students

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Firefox 2.0 was recently released and now information about 3.0 and 4.0 appears online

Posted by stevencombs on October 26, 2006

I’ve have gained a new found respect for Firefox since version 2.0 and I am really looking forward to the next release if the features discussed in this article are true. If you haven’t already downoloaded Firefox 2.0 yet, you should do so and find out why Firefox is the best browser on any platform.

Firefox 3.0 Already?


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IE7 Released and as soon as it was…

Posted by stevencombs on October 19, 2006

this article arrives:

Minor issues surface after IE 7 launch | CNET News.com

Do more with Internet Explorer 7

IE7 is sure to be a bust. I have already noticed that using the browser breaks some sites that conform to normally accepted CSS standards. Namely my faculty site. Looks like we have another buggy non-conforming browser from Microsoft. I’ll stick with FireFox and Flock for my browsing and blogging needs.

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