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Archive for the ‘Gadgets’ Category

The ModBook: Amazing!

Posted by stevencombs on January 12, 2007

Apple’s iPhone was a huge hit at Macworld and it would seem to be hard for any company to steal some of the thunder from this announcement, however, take a look at the image below and then read the article for an amazing product and one I never would have imagined that Apple would have allowed. Would love to read your comments on this product.

Read more about this mystery gadget.

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More info on the $100 laptop; the XO

Posted by stevencombs on January 12, 2007

I’ve mentioned this computer quite a few times. Most of the posts were information about the hardware. The article below give us a better glimpse as to the capabilities that this laptop will provide to children in third-world countries. As the article also states, they may subsidize the cost by allow the public to purchase one. The caveat is  that you will pay for two. You will keep one and the second will go to a child in a third-world country.

I personally think this is a great way to get these out to needy countries. I know there are many folks interested in purchasing their own $100 laptop and I bet they would still purchase them for $200. My concern was always that if these weren’t available to the general public, they would end up on the black market and the kids they were intended for would not receive them.

One Laptop Per Child machine
BBC NEWS | Technology | $100 laptop could sell to public

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Nokia releases N800

Posted by stevencombs on January 8, 2007

As my readers know, I love my Nokia 770 Internet Tablet. Well, Nokia released the new follow up the N800 during CES this week. As you can see in the image below, taken from the Nokia web site, it is a much sleeker device.

Features old and new are listed below, but I am very excited about the new OS, included camera, SD compatibility, increased speed, Skype and the hope of finally being able to view online video such as YouTube.

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iRobot to be released during CES

Posted by stevencombs on January 8, 2007

Make Magazine is reporting that the folks that bring us the popular Roomba and Scooba home floor cleaning robots are going to use their technology and release an educational robot. It looks like both the Roomba and the Scooba with the floor cleaning technology removed. In their place are device options such as reticulating arms and cameras. Read more in the Make article (link below image).

Create Back Angle 550X413

MAKE: Blog: iRobot “Create” – Educational robot

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Macworld and the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) begin today

Posted by stevencombs on January 8, 2007

Today is a big day for Apple and gadget fans. With both of these huge shows beginning today, we will begin seeing some interesting information within a few hours on the latest and greatest gadgets. CES focus seems to be on digital convergence in the living room and on the road from the early reports I have read, but quite honestly, I am more excited about Macworld.

Here are the Macworld rumor roundups I am interested in and one confirmed item that I was just made aware of from our MacMall representative. Please remember that all of these are to be considered rumored until Steve Jobs makes the announcements during his Keynote speech tomorrow beginning at 9am CST in San Francisco.


  • iChat Mobile, the Apple mobile phone
  • iWork to include new spreadsheet application
  • iPod video
  • 8 core MacBook Pro
  • Palm size computer (althought this could be a combination device with the iChat mobile)
  • 30Gb .Mac iDisk standard for subscribers
  • Collaboration with Google (could be the way they are able to increase the .Mac account storage)


Recently I placed a PO with MacMall for four new iSight cameras. This morning I received a phone call saying that this part was discontinued and that a new iSight camera was being released from Apple during Macworld. He released no details, but said if it was OK with me, he would ship the new product as soon as he was allowed. Of course I said “OH YEAH!”

It is sure to be an exciting day! Stay tuned and I recommend visiting the Engadget site through the day for the latest news on MacWorld.

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iPod vending machine demonstration

Posted by stevencombs on January 2, 2007

This video is taken from a Macy’s department store and demonstrates the vending of iPODs. The machines takes credit so you won’t have to break open your piggy bank. Who would have thought the iPOD would become the next soda. An interesting first post for the New Year and maybe a foreshadowing of some of the other quirky tech news we’ll see in 2007.

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Geek Stocking Stuffers

Posted by stevencombs on December 22, 2006

Sean McHose and I review some stocking stuffers for the geek in your life. Guaranteed to put a smile on that gadget freak on your Christmas list. The highlight is the Ninja Remote. Watch the video to learn more

Purchase the Ninja Remote and other items here.

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PLEO, prepare to be amazed.

Posted by stevencombs on December 20, 2006

The next generation of robotic toy is under development and its name is PLEO. I first became aware of this toy while reading the latest issue of Make Magazine and decided to search for video on YouTube and found this clip. Check it out and you’ll see why I am very excited about this future toy.

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Let’s get ready to rumble with the Verticon Air Battle Game

Posted by stevencombs on December 17, 2006

Sarah Brownlee and I wage battle against each other in the Verticon Air Battle arenas by Wild Planet. Verticon is a game based on that old Physics experiment where you point a hair-dryer up and then place a ping pong ball in the air stream allow the ping pong ball to hover in mid-air. The difference is that Wild Planet has added weapons to the ping pong ball and some rules for combat making this game VERY enjoyable for all ages.

Purchase Verticon.

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Hot on the heels of the last video…

Posted by stevencombs on December 4, 2006

Sarah Brownlee and I look at the Cadillac of digital picture frames, the Digital Pacific. This device has an 8×10 electronic display with a beautiful screen and sound capabilities to boot. While cheaper digital picture frames can be had, this one has all the bells and whistles, including sound and wireless support.

Purchase a Digital Pacific frame.

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New video of yours truly now online

Posted by stevencombs on December 3, 2006

In this edition of inspector gadget, I demonstrate the Xantrex Powerpack 200 Plus. This gadget provides power (both AC and DC), jumper cables, flashlight and an air compressor all in a single package. The perfect addition to your vehicle or home in case of an emergency. During a recent power outage, I plugged a 15w fluorescent bulb (which is the equivalent of a 60w incandescent light) into this baby and we had light in our home for over two-hours.

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Canola for Nokia 770

Posted by stevencombs on December 3, 2006

As my readers and viewers know, I just love the Nokia 770 and a new app was recently released that is makeing me even more fond of this device. The app is know as Canola. Nope, it’s not the oil, but a small application that turns to Nokia 770 into a portable media center that can stream photos, music and video from my iLife applications on my MAC. Not only that, but I can subscribe to photo streams and listen to online radio all from a very familiar and modern looking interface similar to the Front Row. Here’s a video of the application in action:

If you own a Nokia 770, and if you don’t you should wait until the next version is released (announcement is considered to be immenent), installation instructions can be found at:

Handful of Nothing » Blog Archive » Here it is! Finally the public repository for Canola

The installation can be a little tricky and the software is in beta, so prepare for some early difficulties. But the vision is very promising.

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Wanna sneak preview of the new Playstion 3?

Posted by stevencombs on November 3, 2006

Engadget has posted some video that demonstrates the menuing system. Looks a lot like the PSP menu if you ask me.

Click link below to view the video.
PlayStation 3 menu / interface complete video walkthrough – Engadget

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SciFi Geek meets Gadget Geek

Posted by stevencombs on November 1, 2006

As readers know, I have a new personal favorite gadget, the Nokia 770. Folks also know that I am a SciFi geek as well, so what’s the best way to combine my two loves? Download the LCARS Nokia 770 theme and sounds from:


See all the images I have posted of my themed Nokia 770.

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Inspector Gadget Spot – Nokia 770 Internet Tablet

Posted by stevencombs on November 1, 2006

I introduce Sarah Brownlee to the Nokia 770 and discovers how to take the web (in usable form) with her in the palm of your hand. We also discuss once again one of our favorite terms to say on television, VOIP. This is my favorite gadget of 2006…so far.

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LEGO Mindstorms NXT Demo on AM Evansville

Posted by stevencombs on October 25, 2006

I join Sean McHose early in the morning to discuss and demonstrate LEGO’s newest robotics system the Mindstorms NXT. The system had been out for about three months and I was aware of its development while a LEGO Ambassador with secret “in the know” information. It was one of those secrets you really wanted to get out tell everyone about so it was good to get a chance to finally play with the system and then demonstrate its capabilities on the air.

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MacBook Pros…now with Core 2 Duo

Posted by stevencombs on October 24, 2006

Apple has this to say about there new laptops:

A 2.16GHz or 2.33GHz Intel Core 2 Duo. Up to 39% faster than its predecessor.(1) A built-in iSight for instant video conferencing on the move. Front Row with Apple Remote to dazzle everyone in the room. Now available in 15- and 17-inch models starting at just $1999. Start your engines.

All I can say, is it’s about time. When they add the Core 2 Duo to the regular MacBooks, I may have to make a purchase.

Intel Core 2 Duo

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Nokia 770 in Pictures

Posted by stevencombs on October 5, 2006

I recently received a new Nokia 770 Internet Tablet and I have been running it through it’s paces. If you are unfamiliar with this device, I have uploaded some images with commentary to my flickr account.  You can view the flickr set here.

I hope to post more info in the future on the use of this object.  It is quickly becoming one of my favorite gadgets.

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MITs $100 Laptop Revealed

Posted by stevencombs on November 17, 2005

See the video about this unique and remarkable device at:


A wiki entry has already been created and it can be found here:


A unique feature is the hand crank that can provide power to the laptop without an AC outlet. If this device can garner support and live up to it’s claims, we may now have the capability to put a laptop in every child’s hand, worldwide!

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