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Archive for the ‘Games’ Category

Where was this Prof when I was in school?

Posted by stevencombs on January 12, 2007

That old Atari 2600 would have gotten even more of a workout. Use the link below to read this very interesting article.

DailyTech – University Professor Advocates Video Games in Class

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Let Google Earth help you track Santa this Christmas!

Posted by stevencombs on December 20, 2006

Here’s a great application for Google Earth, the free download from Google. Google has created both a game and a Santa tracking system to let all boys and girls find goodies each day leading up to Christmas. It looks like a lot of fun and I’m just sorry that I have posted this a little late for you to enjoy. But go download Google Earth and then visit the link below to play along.

Google Santa Tracker and Toy Hunt

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Let’s get ready to rumble with the Verticon Air Battle Game

Posted by stevencombs on December 17, 2006

Sarah Brownlee and I wage battle against each other in the Verticon Air Battle arenas by Wild Planet. Verticon is a game based on that old Physics experiment where you point a hair-dryer up and then place a ping pong ball in the air stream allow the ping pong ball to hover in mid-air. The difference is that Wild Planet has added weapons to the ping pong ball and some rules for combat making this game VERY enjoyable for all ages.

Purchase Verticon.

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Firefly video game in development

Posted by stevencombs on December 11, 2006

Firefly continues to live! It’s amazing that a show that was canceled after 13 episodes (or was it 12) and spawned a full length feature film that really didn’t do that well at the box office (but was an amazing film none the less) has a fan base that won’t let it die (and that’s good thing folks). I’m not much of a video game player these days, but if the story were intriguing and it continued the storyline, I might just have to take a look at it myself when released. BTW, if you missed Firefly during it’s original run or on Sci Fi, you can purchase the entire series on DVD from Target this week for only $19.00.  That’s a bargain, so run out an get it!

Read article at:
SCI FI Wire | The News Service of the SCI FI Channel

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Where’s my wee Wii

Posted by stevencombs on December 6, 2006

In other Nintendo Wii news, here we have a video that displays the Wii on a small 1inch screen.

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What do you get when you combine a Wii remote with a Mac?

Posted by stevencombs on December 6, 2006

The DarwiinRemote.


From the site:

  • DarwiinRemote is a tiny software which reads data from and sends data to Nintendo Wii Remote
  • Inputs
  • 3-axis acceleration sensors
  • all buttons except power button on/off
  • Output
    • 4 LEDs
    • Force Feedback
  • DarwiinRemote allows you to control other applications by using Wii Remote
    • but now only supports “AppleRemote” mode…

    And the color of the Wiimote is the perfect compliment to your MAC! Now if I could just find a Wii to purchase to try this out.

    Get DarwiinRemote.

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    PSP 3.0 firmware update available

    Posted by stevencombs on November 21, 2006

    Lot’s of new features but my favorite has to be the ability to download some older PS1 titles.  My first download will have to be Medal of Honor.  Loved the original and taking it with me on the go would be great.  Guess now I have a reason to find my PSP and purchase a larger memory upgrade. Now if I can only locate a PS3 so I can download these games to the PSP. Why, oh why wouldn’t Sony just let us download using the built-in PSP’s built-in WiFi?

    Firmware 3.00 now available via Network Update – PSP Fanboy

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    Humanity goes out the door along with PS3s

    Posted by stevencombs on November 17, 2006

    Let’s face it, any self-repecting geek wants a brand new shiny PS3 under their Christmas tree this year. The reality is very few are going to see this box since there are so few of them being released. However, some folks will stop at nothing snag one. Engadget scoured the web and found these very depressing article:

    Read – CT man shot outside Wal-Mart, suspects still on the loose.
    Read – Armed robbers steal 5 PS3s from Ohio EB Games store.
    Read – Riot breaks out at Circuit City.
    Read – Police use pepper balls to control crowd in Tyson, VA.
    Read – Escaped rapist apprehended in Best Buy PS3 line.

    Update: While not actually criminal, last night’s award for cruel and unusual went to PC Gamer, who were on hand in SF to try to convince a card-carrying line-waiting PS3 fanboy to swear off Sony forever. In exchange for a $7,500 Falcon Northwest PC rig, dude had to sign a legally binding contract to not purchase or ever own a PS3, under pain of death paying back $7,500. Some guy named Neil, who’d been waiting for 40 hours, signed his life away.

    So if this doesn’t make you question the future of humanity, nothing will. I guess the Jack Ass watching generation is here to stay. Sad…truly sad.

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    Wanna sneak preview of the new Playstion 3?

    Posted by stevencombs on November 3, 2006

    Engadget has posted some video that demonstrates the menuing system. Looks a lot like the PSP menu if you ask me.

    Click link below to view the video.
    PlayStation 3 menu / interface complete video walkthrough – Engadget

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    Some of the best online games…and no downloads!

    Posted by stevencombs on October 28, 2006

    I was quite surprised by the quality of these free flash multiplayer online games. One of my favorites was the simple Tank Ball game. Give it a shot (pun intended) and see if it doesn’t burn a couple minutes of your day with some mindless moving and shooting fun.

    Free MMORPG at Maidmarian.com – Free Massive Multiplayer Online Web Games

    Play Tank Ball

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