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Humanity goes out the door along with PS3s

Posted by stevencombs on November 17, 2006

Let’s face it, any self-repecting geek wants a brand new shiny PS3 under their Christmas tree this year. The reality is very few are going to see this box since there are so few of them being released. However, some folks will stop at nothing snag one. Engadget scoured the web and found these very depressing article:

Read – CT man shot outside Wal-Mart, suspects still on the loose.
Read – Armed robbers steal 5 PS3s from Ohio EB Games store.
Read – Riot breaks out at Circuit City.
Read – Police use pepper balls to control crowd in Tyson, VA.
Read – Escaped rapist apprehended in Best Buy PS3 line.

Update: While not actually criminal, last night’s award for cruel and unusual went to PC Gamer, who were on hand in SF to try to convince a card-carrying line-waiting PS3 fanboy to swear off Sony forever. In exchange for a $7,500 Falcon Northwest PC rig, dude had to sign a legally binding contract to not purchase or ever own a PS3, under pain of death paying back $7,500. Some guy named Neil, who’d been waiting for 40 hours, signed his life away.

So if this doesn’t make you question the future of humanity, nothing will. I guess the Jack Ass watching generation is here to stay. Sad…truly sad.

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