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Archive for the ‘Technology’ Category

More info on the $100 laptop; the XO

Posted by stevencombs on January 12, 2007

I’ve mentioned this computer quite a few times. Most of the posts were information about the hardware. The article below give us a better glimpse as to the capabilities that this laptop will provide to children in third-world countries. As the article also states, they may subsidize the cost by allow the public to purchase one. The caveat is  that you will pay for two. You will keep one and the second will go to a child in a third-world country.

I personally think this is a great way to get these out to needy countries. I know there are many folks interested in purchasing their own $100 laptop and I bet they would still purchase them for $200. My concern was always that if these weren’t available to the general public, they would end up on the black market and the kids they were intended for would not receive them.

One Laptop Per Child machine
BBC NEWS | Technology | $100 laptop could sell to public

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PLEO, prepare to be amazed.

Posted by stevencombs on December 20, 2006

The next generation of robotic toy is under development and its name is PLEO. I first became aware of this toy while reading the latest issue of Make Magazine and decided to search for video on YouTube and found this clip. Check it out and you’ll see why I am very excited about this future toy.

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Cockroach controlled robot

Posted by stevencombs on December 4, 2006

A colleague of mine at work sent a link to this video. If you are squeamish and don’t like cockroaches, don’t watch this video. However, if you are fascinated by the blend of robotics and nature you have to check it out.

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Another wonderful BitTorrent download. Makes a great Christmas gift

Posted by stevencombs on November 29, 2006

WikipediaDownload the Wikipedia CD distribution and put on a USB drive. Then give to a child. Distribution comprises “over 2500 hand-picked educational articles aimed at helping schools enhance their curriculum.”

Much better than the Encyclopedia Brittanica at a much better price.

Wikipedia CD Distributed over BitTorrent at Torrentfreak

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Can’t afford a PicooZ minature helicopter?

Posted by stevencombs on November 29, 2006

Build your own following the directions in this Make article.

MAKE: Blog: Rubber band powered helicopter made from a business card

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The $100 laptop for every child gets its game on

Posted by stevencombs on November 29, 2006

Great, we develop a laptop for every child in third world countries and what is the first app to be developed? Doom! Great, let’s give these kids laptops and let them learn how to frag at an early age. Heavens knows they don’t see enough violence in many of the countries this laptop is headed toward.

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Free film online via BitTorrent

Posted by stevencombs on November 29, 2006

Looking for a free film online that is LEGAL? Want to know what all the hub-bub is about BitTorrent? Check out this link and learn how to download the movie, The Last Man on Earth free and legally. From the site, the movie is described:

“The Last Man on Earth” is a true movie classic based on the famous
novel “I Am Legend” by Richard Matheson. The movie was released back in
1964, and has fallen in the public domain, so you’re free to download
and share it.

To learn more about BitTorrent, visit the BitTorrent web site. Learn how you can add to your media collection using this excellent file sharing system.

The Last Man on Earth: Free and Legal on BitTorrent at Torrentfreak

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Teach yourself C++ in 21 days

Posted by stevencombs on November 20, 2006

This site linked below purports to teach you how to program in C++ in 21 days. Now, I’ve programmed a little bit in my time and have to admit, every time I see these types of site, I know that I am not going to be a programmer in 21 days. It takes time, more time, some more time and some patience to be a good programmer. I tried a similar site with Python and while I learned the basics, the old axiom is true, “if is sounds to good to be true…it is.” Still, if you need a good primer and don’t want to buy an expensive text from your local bookseller, this site should get you started into the world of C++ programming. Good luck to ya programmer wannabes!

Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days:

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Google keeps on innovating with Click-to-call feature

Posted by stevencombs on November 17, 2006

According to Google, here’s how it works:

Search for a business, like a hardware store, on Google Maps, and click the ‘call’ link next to its phone number. Then, enter your phone number and click ‘Connect For free.’ Google calls your phone number and automatically connects you to the hardware store.

Now that sounds like a very useful feature.  Be sure to check it out the next time you are looking for a local business and need to make a call.

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IE7 Released and as soon as it was…

Posted by stevencombs on October 19, 2006

this article arrives:

Minor issues surface after IE 7 launch | CNET News.com

Do more with Internet Explorer 7

IE7 is sure to be a bust. I have already noticed that using the browser breaks some sites that conform to normally accepted CSS standards. Namely my faculty site. Looks like we have another buggy non-conforming browser from Microsoft. I’ll stick with FireFox and Flock for my browsing and blogging needs.

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